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Power Independent Insurance Loss Assessors experienced in dealing with UK commercial and domestic claims. Welcome to Power & Company Insurance Loss Assessors based in London. With 30 years experience, we guarantee to negotiate the best settlement possible. We are available 24 hours a day. Our staff have been specially selected to uphold our reputation for sympathetic and courteous attention to all our clients needs.

But don't be fooled by that friendly exterior, when facing the insurance companies, we are relentless in our determination to reach a settlement that will be to your complete satisfaction. We will also take over any unresolved or outstanding claims, and even claims that are creating problems. It is never too late to contact us.

read more › We offer an independent, trusted and experienced service in all aspects of insurance claims. With 30 years experience, we are trusted for our professional, caring approach and our relentless determination to reach a settlement that will be to your complete satisfaction. Much of our business comes from direct recommendation and we are proud of our high success rate, however we will also take over any unresolved claims or claims that have been refused. We are experts in all areas of insurance and claims management and our combined experience means we have seen - and successfully dealt with - most issues over the years.

read more › A major fire is one of the most destructive and distressing incidents that can occur. The devastation it causes can result in the closure of a business and in a domestic situation, the loss of irreplaceable personal effects, or at the very worst, the loss of a home. Therefore, organising and managing an insurance claim correctly following a fire is of paramount importance. Appointing Power & Company will make a real difference to the ultimate outcome of your fire claim and ensure you receive everything that you are entitled to under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

read more › A burst pipe, underground water leak or foul water contamination can cause significant damage to a home or business. The effects may result in you having to vacate your home or relocate your business. Immediately after the incident your property will need to be dried and your contents or stock cleaned and removed to storage. The drying process can take a number of weeks and in some cases many months but it is essential that your property is completely dry before any reinstatement work can begin.

read more › Storm, high winds, driving rain, hail and lightening can cause substantial damage to property. The result of which can render your premises uninhabitable. The insurance claim can be complex and time consuming. Employing Power & Company will make a significant difference to the outcome of your claim. We are aware of all the problems that can arise and the pitfalls that will need to be overcome. As with fire and flood your home or business may need to be relocated, Power and Company will provide advice and assistance on how to proceed.

read more › Having your house burgled is a highly emotional and traumatic experience. Often it is not just the loss of personal and sentimental belongings but the idea that someone has invaded your privacy. For most people, having to then deal with an insurance claim at such a stressful time, can cause even more anxiety. Problems with burglary claims can start with the very first call to your insurance company. It is essential that Power and Company are instructed before you notify your insurers. We will visit you in your home or business and undertake a complete policy review to determine the limitations, endorsements and warranties which may apply.

read more › Most insurance companies like to use their own in-house engineers and loss adjusters to oversee subsidence claims as it gives them an advantage over the claimant and allows them to dictate how a claim is dealt with and what repairs are undertaken. Having seen and worked on hundreds of subsidence claims over the years, we strongly recommend that you appoint an assessor to manage your claim before contacting your insurers. Employing Power & Company will make a real difference to the ultimate outcome of your claim and ensure you get exactly what you are entitled to.

read more › If you are experiencing problems with a claim, not getting the results you want from an insurance company, or have decided to negotiate your own claim and are struggling to achieve a satisfactory settlement, we can help. Power and Company have an excellent record in taking over unresolved or ongoing claims - even claims that have been refused - and achieving a successful outcome. So don't continue with a claim that has become a problem, simply contact us and we'll help. Mrs B made a claim to her insurance company under the accidental damage section of her home contents policy.

read more › A house fire is a major crisis and in a split second our whole life was turned upside down. One phone call to Power & Company and Richard and his team took over. They made everything happen in terms of our insurance claim, leaving my wife and I to focus on the family and getting back to normality. Power & Company's service was outstanding and I cannot thank Richard enough.

read more › Choosing Power & Company really can make all the difference to settling your insurance claim. Following water damage on his home, Mr K had submitted a claim to his insurance company and had received an offer of 7,000 for the remedial works. He approached us as he was unhappy that the full works could not be completed for this amount and we took on his claim. After assessing the damage, we re-negotiated a settlement for nearly 14,000 - almost double what had originally been offered.

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