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Allsop Kane & Allen If you've suffered a fire, flood or burglary, you may be looking to make a significant claim on your insurance. But how much will you receive? You pay your insurance premiums so it's natural to assume that your insurance company will cover the full cost of any loss or damage. Sadly this isn't always the case. It's likely that your insurance company will employ a Loss Adjuster to assess your claim, with the aim of reducing the amount they have to pay out.

This can make the whole process of claiming on a home or business insurance policy very stressful at an already difficult time. It's not surprising that many people find the prospect of making a claim very daunting. That's where we can help. AKA Claims are an experienced firm of independent Loss Assessors. We'll make your life easier by looking after your claim from start to finish, while ensuring you get every penny you deserve from your insurance company.

All of our fees will be included in the final payment you'll receive from your insurance company.

AKA Claims are Insurance Loss Assessors with over fifteen years experience working on behalf of the general public. AKA Claims are a firm of professional Loss Assessors who will represent you, the policyholder, in the event of an insurance claim. Without the services of AKA Claims you will be at the mercy of the Insurance Loss Adjusters who are appointed

Anyone who has been the victim of a burglary or theft will know that it can leave you feeling extremely vulnerable. As well as the cost and loss of personal possessions, there's the shock of having your home broken into. The first few hours of any burglary and theft insurance claim are critical. In an ideal world, you shouldn't move anything until the

Extensive water damage to your home caused by a serious leak or flood can feel like a real disaster. It's hard to know where to start when it comes to cleaning up and starting repairs. The real problem faced by many homeowners is that the full affects of a flood or water damage can be difficult to see. What initially seems like a small amount of damage

We understand that a fire in your home is a very serious matter. The loss of personal possessions and damage to your property can be extremely distressing. You'll want to deal with the fire's aftermath and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We can help by managing your claim from start to finish, while offering help and advice based

As our summers get drier and winters wetter, subsidence damage insurance claims are becoming far more frequent. It's an unfortunate fact that subsidence damage insurance claims can take months or possibly years to be resolved. As well as investigations to determine the full extent of the problem, there will also need to be remedial works such as underpinning

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