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Dashwood Project Management Should you require general property refurbishment, surveying or project management advice we can assist or refer to an Associated Company. Should you experience flood or storm damage to your property we can prepare specifications and project manage the repairs for you, your insurers and loss adjusters/assessors. Should you be unfortunate to experience such a situation and need to make a fire damage claim on your property we can help.

House cracking up? We can advise If your property is suffering from ground movement (subsidence, landslip or heave) or another defect and we can provide reports and arrange further investigations if necessary. Dashwood Project Management Ltd is an Independent surveying firm specialising in the project management and repair of building related insurance claims, plus property maintenance advice, building defects reports & condition surveys.

With extensive experience working in the surveying & building repair industry, Dashwood Project Management and our Associates can provide a professional service to private individuals, Insurers, brokers, loss adjusters, loss assessors and consulting engineers for both commercial and domestic properties.

If your property is damaged by subsidence and you have a buildings insurance policy it is likely you will be provided with cover, subject to the policy being adhered to, the sum insured being adequate and any specific exclusions/endorsements plus the policy excess being applied. Your property is usually your most valuable asset and as such subsidence

Should extensive storm damage occur to your property we can assist and prepare reports and advice to your insurers and loss adjusters and we can also prepare any schedules of work and project manage the repairs. We can also provide cyclical maintenance advice and condition reports on the status of your roof and whether any repairs are required in the

Should you be unfortunate to experience a flood, we can prepare schedules of work and specifications to re-instate your property. The current floods affecting large areas of the UK and the recent floods over the last few years in Cumbria, Yorkshire and Gloucestershire demonstrate how devastating they can be, not to mention the infamous Boscastle incident

A fire can be devastating and traumatising which nobody wishes to experience. Should you be unfortunate to experience such a situation and require specialist surveying advice to repair your property we can assist. Dashwood Project Management Ltd can work with your insurers, loss adjuster and/or loss assessor and any restoration companies initially appointed

The Buncefield Explosion in Hemel Hempstead a few years ago caused huge damage to local (and not so local!) homes and commercial premises. Although explosions are thankfully rare, we can work with engineers, insurers and adjusters and arrange through our project managed repair service to reinstate your property. Please contact us for more details.

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