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Credit Risk Brokers Surety bonds are normally a tripartite agreement between the two contracting parties and the third party surety provider often called the bondsman. With offices in Dublin and Belfast, Credit Risk Brokers is one of the leading specialist Credit Insurance and Surety Bond Brokers in Ireland and a founding member of Farosol. Our experienced teams have strong working relationships with the world's leading credit insurers.

This allows us to customise policies to offer bespoke solutions for your business and your circumstances.

read more › Credit Risk Brokers (CRB) is one of Ireland's leading specialists in Credit Insurance and Surety Bonds. We are also a founding member of Farosol, a global alliance of leading brokers. Our offices in Dublin and Belfast are led by Michael Raleigh and John Simpson respectively. Both men are pioneers of Credit Insurance in their regions, with extensive experience as brokers and policy holders. It is widely recognised that Michael is one of the leaders of credit insurance in Ireland, bringing Namur, Cobac and NCM into Ireland back in the early 90s, and founding several leading brokerages and alliances since 1989.

read more › Credit Insurance protects businesses from non-payment of goods and services sold on credit. Consider the reality. On average, 40% of the assets in a manufacturing company and 80% of the assets in a service company relate to their debtor book. Moreover, the extra sales required to offset a loss of 50,000 for a business earning a pre-tax margin of 5% can be as much as 1,000,000. Such facts illustrate that ALL businesses should consider what the impact would be if a key customer or group of customers failed to pay their debts.

read more › At CRB we provide a wide variety of bonds and guarantees through our relationships with our Surety Bond Providers. A Surety Bond is a contract in which the Insurer (the Surety) issues a guarantee to the beneficiary that a third party (the Principal) will meet its contractual obligations. There are many types of Bonds and Guarantees depending on the industry and the obligation. Performance Bond: Required to confirm the performance of a service to permit the granting of a contract. It offers security to the party issuing the contract that the contractor is able to fulfil the contract.

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