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Cystar Insurance Services At Cystar Insurance Services Ltd, we are committed to providing a full range of insurance cover for our clients. Based in Palmers Green, we know the importance of considering all the risks that could affect you, at home or at work, and strive to ensure you have the right insurance protection in place. You can be confident of building a personal relationship with our experienced team of insurance brokers, who understand your individual insurance requirements and will ensure that they are adequately provided for.

For more information, or a commitment free chat on how our team can help satisfy your insurance needs, why not get in touch? At Cystar we offer our clients a wide range of personal and commercial insurance services, from common covers such as Household Insurance and Shops & Offices Insurance to more specialist, niche cover.

Over the years we have become specialists in arranging a number of more unusual insurance covers including Football Coaches Liability Insurance, Football League Insurance and Jewellery Shops Package Insurance.

read more › Whether you're looking to safeguard your business or simply cover your home, our experienced brokers will pay close attention to your needs before sourcing the most suitable cover available. Based on Green Lanes, Palmers Green, we are easily accessible, within walking distance of N13 and N14 postcodes. As a member of Broker Network, the UK's longest established insurance network, we have access to the UK's top insurers as well as specialist providers, including Lloyds. Because of this, you can get the cover that's not always available through other brokers and insurers.

read more › Nobody understands your business quite like you do but at Cystar, we'll take the time to ensure that you fully understand your insurance needs as well. Whether you run a business or are a private professional, we'll work closely with you to determine exactly what insurance cover you need so you can stop worrying about paperwork and focus on running your business. We're an independent broker whose only interest is in securing the most appropriate commercial cover for you with a policy that takes the unique demands of your business into account.

read more › Commercial events such as conferences, markets, tradeshows and festivals require a lot of planning and preparation, but no matter how well you have thought everything through, large groups of people tend to attract accidents, and sometimes things don't go to plan. At Cystar, we can arrange Business Event Insurance so that if situations like this occur on the day of the event, you have the cover you need. The cover we can provide will vary depending on the nature of your event, and we'll always ensure that any cover we arrange suits your plans.

read more › Businesses can have varied and complex insurance needs and as such, knowing exactly where to begin when looking for cover can be a difficult task. At Cystar, we can help make this process a lot easier by taking care of all your business insurance needs in one go with a convenient Commercial Combined Insurance policy. We'll take a close look at your business to determine exactly what range and level of cover you need and tailor cover to suit your unique needs. This could include cover for your buildings, content and stock against risks like fire, flood, explosion and theft, employers' liability, public liability, product liability, business interruption, goods in transit cover and more, all under one policy with one renewal date.

read more › If you use a car or van to go about your work, whether it's used to meet clients or carry your tools and equipment from job to job, you'll understand how important your vehicle is to your ability to perform your work. A breakdown or road incident could prove costly, not only in terms of paying for repairs but also in the business you could lose as a result of this but with the right Commercial Vehicle Insurance in place, you'll be able to get back on the road and back to work as quickly as possible.

read more › Leading a business can come with many challenges; least of all the responsibility such a position places you under. If you are a director, officer, CEO or manager within your company, you are liable for any decisions you make or actions you take, and as such could find yourself facing claims from employees, shareholders, customers or regulatory bodies who feel your leadership has negatively impacted them. That's where Directors & Officers Insurance comes in. D&O Insurance can cover you against allegations of breach of regulation, breach of duty, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, defamation, libel and more, allowing you to run your business with confidence.

read more › Do you coach a football team or even run a football league? At Cystar, we're able to provide you with insurance cover that keeps you protected while you enjoy the game. If you are a football coach, it's possible that you could face legal action following an injury sustained or damage caused during one of your training sessions. Football Coaches Liability Insurance helps look after you in these situations by covering your legal costs and allowing you to defend yourself in court. Likewise, if you run a football league, be it a local amateur league or a national professional one, you could find yourself facing claims for injuries sustained or for alleged wrongdoing.

read more › If you run a jewellery shop, you'll appreciate the importance of effective insurance cover. Jewellers naturally stock high-value items that need to be covered against damage and theft and at Cystar, we're able to arrange Jewellery Shop Package Insurance or Jewellers Block Insurance, that's designed to look after all the needs of a typical jewellery shop under one convenient policy. As well as the expected cover for your building, liability (including employers' liability, public liability and product liability) and business interruption, we'll also tailor your cover to ensure that the valuable items you stock have suitable cover.

read more › Liability Insurance is there to protect you from the financially damaging effects that a claim against you could have on your business. No matter what precautions you take, accidents do happen and often when you least expect it. Legal fees can quickly add up, even if you're found innocent of any blame, but with the right Liability Insurance in place your costs will be covered, enabling you to defend yourself and fight your corner. At Cystar, we'll make sure that your business has the appropriate liability cover in place, whether that is employers' liability, public liability, product liability or any combination of them.

read more › Working with vehicles can bring its own set of challenges, particularly if the vehicles you work with are not necessarily your own. Whether you work as a motor trader, or simply rely on a fleet of commercial vehicles for your business to function, the insurance brokers at Cystar can help ensure that you have the cover you need. We're able to arrange cover that looks after your vehicles, those of your clients and also any of your staff which may be required to drive or care for them which is perfect for garages, vehicle recoverers and car dealerships.

read more › Shops and offices can be busy places, which unfortunately means that there's a lot that can go wrong. From employee accidents, flooding and even burglary, there are many potential risks that you'll want to make sure you're covered against. Of course, no two businesses are exactly the same and as such, neither are any two Shop Insurance or Office Insurance policies. At Cystar, we'll look closely at the size and nature of your business to ensure that your insurance cover is tailored specifically to your needs.

read more › Sports clubs and social clubs require insurance cover that can handle the diverse range of situations they might encounter, from damage to the clubhouse itself, theft of equipment, accidents suffered by staff, members or visitors and more. Whether you run a sports club, social club, working men's club, political club, member club or something else entirely, the independent insurance brokers at Cystar will work closely with you to determine exactly what level and range of cover you could benefit from.

read more › If you work as a tradesman, you're probably used to working at other people's property, using fragile or heavy materials and potentially dangerous equipment. Because of this, you likely know the risks you face on a daily basis which is why Tradesman Insurance arranged by Cystar is a must for keeping you protected. We understand that different tradesmen can have dramatically different needs which is why we don't simply offer 'off-the-shelf' insurance cover - we tailor our policies to suit your unique requirements.

read more › Whether it's a burst pipe, a road collision, or illness; no-one likes to prepare for the worst happening. With the right insurance in place you can feel confident that if something does go wrong, you'll be taken care of. At Cystar, we'll look closely at your situation to ensure that we provide you with insurance cover that suits your needs and actually does what you expect it to. We're an independent broker, which means we aren't obligated to promote any particular cover - instead we'll only recommend policies that are genuinely right for you.

read more › While you might assume your jewellery is covered by your Home Insurance policy, it's worth checking your policy again as this is often not the case. If you want to ensure that your jewellery items have the protection in place that they need, Cystar can arrange Bespoke Jewellery Packages designed to give you the level of cover you need. As well as ensuring that the value of your jewellery is covered if it's lost, damaged or stolen, we can also provide cover for your personal possessions away from home, as well as cover for accidental damage.

read more › A lot of planning goes into events like weddings, christenings, parties and concerts, and if something goes wrong on the big day, it has the potential to leave a significant dent in your finances. At Cystar, we can arrange Event & Wedding Insurance so that you're covered in these situations, giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your day. Cover varies from event to event depending on your needs but can include things like cancellation and rearrangement of the event due to circumstances beyond your control, transport, photography, catering, accident, injury and more.

read more › Being ill is never easy, but Health Insurance arranged by Cystar can make things as easy as possible by ensuring you have access to the best treatment, as quickly as possible. Health Insurance does not have to be expensive and can be crucial in making sure you are as well looked after as possible if you fall ill. With the right Health Insurance in place, you'll have fast access to excellent private healthcare, including treatments and procedures not covered by the NHS. All of this and more is designed to ensure you are seen to quickly and treated as effectively and comfortably as possible so that you're able to make a speedy recovery.

read more › Just as not all cars are the same, not all Motor Insurance policies are the same either. If your vehicle is of particularly high value or is perhaps a classic car or unique model, you will likely find that a standard Motor Insurance policy doesn't take care of your needs. At Cystar, we're able to arrange High Net Worth Motor Insurance policies that go above and beyond the cover offered by typical car insurance. Whether your car uses rare parts, access to a specialist garage for repairs participates in track days or simply exceeds the value covered by a regular Motor Insurance policy; we'll take your requirements into account when sourcing your cover to ensure that you and your vehicle have the specialist cover you need in place.

read more › Your Home Insurance may cover most of your possessions, but does it cover your watch? If you own watches that are of a particularly high value, it's possible that these precious possessions of yours simply aren't covered, or at least not in the way you would hope. At Cystar, we can make sure that you have the cover you need with a Luxury Watch Insurance policy that's tailored to you. As well as ensuring that the value of your watches is fully insured with like-for-like cover if they are lost, damaged or stolen, we can provide cover for your personal possessions away from the home, as well as cover for accidental damage.

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