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We are highly specialist insurance brokers, dealing primarily with insurance for contractors, and quiet simply, we understand your needs, talk your language and provide a level of expertise you will not find anywhere else. If your tired of being passed around an office trying to speak with someone who understands what you need, or the urgency, then just give us a call.

You will speak directly to one of our directors with over 30 years experience who can help with not only insurance matters, but also expert advice on contractual issues and other problems you may face during your business operations. The very foundation of our business is the service we provide to our clients. We understand that when you need something, you need it immediately, and thats what we provide.

Whatever the size of your business, you will receive the same level of professional and personal service wherever you are in the country. We also provide our services to insurers and insurance brokers, so if you need our help or consultancy services please contact us.

read more › Commercial & Construction Insurance Brokers Ltd was established in 1997 and we have retained our status as an independent insurance brokerage, providing a bespoke service to our clients throughout the United Kingdom. We use modern technology and communications and this enables us to provide a 'local service' wherever you are based. Our success comes from the expert, personal and exclusive service our Directors provide to each client with all enquiries being dealt with immediately and personally.

read more › It is highly likely that at some point you will be asked to place this cover, usually found within the JCT forms of contract under clauses 21.2.1, 6.5.1 or 6.2.4. You may have even signed contracts were you should already have placed cover without realising it resulting in a potential breach of contract and a serious situation in the event of a claim. This cover is not normally included within public liability policies. It is sometimes also referred to as Party Wall Insurance. The policy is designed to protect your client (the employer to the contract) against liability in respect of damage caused by collapse, subsidence, heave, vibration, weakening or removal of support or lowering of ground water arising out of or in the course of a contract.

read more › We understand that the most important part of any insurance policy is what happens in the event of a claim. You can be assured that help will be on hand when you really need it and we can guide you through the procedures and what's required by insurers. Your claim will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by the same person who placed the cover for you. In the event of an incident this must be notified to us immediately and in accordance with any policy conditions applicable. You can contact us at anytime including outside normal office hours for advice and assistance on your allocated telephone number which will divert to your dedicated contact who will be at Director level.

read more › Most importantly claims service - its simply first class, and insurers try to deal with all claims rather than trying to avoid dealing with them. Automatic 30 day JCT 6.5.1 / 21.2.1 Non Negligence extension whilst you provide insurers with full details if requested by a contract. A standard contract works limit of 2,500,000 for any one contract irrespective of turnover so flexibility for larger contracts. With regards to bona fide subcontractors (supply and fix) we always recommend that you ensure they have adequate insurance in place with limits at least equal to your own.

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