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Schofield Insurance Brokers With over 40 years experience, and a team of advisers who are dedicated to deliver friendly and professional advice through a first class customer service, we're looking forward to seeing how we can help you with your insurance protection at Schofield Insurance Brokers. Our areas of expertise are broad, with a depth of understanding that's going to leave you with a positive experience from your policy and interaction with us, from our very first conversation, to a time where you may need to make a claim.

Insurances are sourced from many companies giving you a wide range of choice - without the need to make numerous telephone calls. You'll find a range of both commercial and personal lines under the different sections of our website, as well as a few niche areas of protection. There are no scenarios that we won't at least look into to see if we can find you the right solution - we'll always be very glad to hear from you.

read more › As a founding member of Broker Network, the UK's longest established insurance network, we can offer you competitive cover that is not always available elsewhere. At Schofield Insurance Brokers we deliver informed and impartial advice to a wide range of both commercial and private clients. Because we're independent, we can provide a variety of competitive products from major insurance companies, Lloyds Insurance markets and scheme providers, covering a full aspect of commercial and private insurances lines.

read more › Schofield Insurance Brokers has a wide variety of Care Sector Insurance packages for Care Providers large & small. Our tailored insurance policies are competitively priced and we have bespoke packages that offer cover for all aspects of your business. Our experienced brokers have worked in the Social Care Insurance market for over 20 years during this time we have gained a thorough understanding of your mandatory cover requirements for regulation/local authority contracts. We are also able to provide covers to meet the other essential needs to protect your business.

read more › All businesses are unique in some way, shape or form and may not fit in to a set package insurance policy, such as a Shop, Office or Surgery policy. This is why a Commercial Combined policy is the ideal way of obtaining the core covers that your business needs. This style of policy is designed to be flexible and to cater for the business risks your company faces, all brought together under one contract. As your business changes so too can the policy. Material damage - providing cover for your assets such as machinery and plant, stock, computers etc.

read more › We have access to a large panel of insurers offering competitive rates for a wide range of cover. Whether you require a policy to cover a car derived van, box van, luton, pick up, flat bed or car transporter, skip wagon, small truck or HGV then we will be able to search for suitable cover that meets with your needs and requirements. No two motor fleets are the same due to factors such as location, size and vehicle mix. No two customers' requirements are the same either, as their business activities all differ.

read more › When embarking on either a new build project or work to be carried out on an existing structure, the employer, contractor, or both, will need to take out a Contractors All Risk insurance policy (also known as a Contract Works policy), to cover the liabilities they have with respect to the task at hand. A Contractors Combined insurance policy arranged by Schofield Insurance can cover existing structures that are undergoing a refurbishment, temporary and permanent build projects, as well as materials and tools that are damaged or stolen before completion.

read more › Anyone providing a professional service to an organisation should consider professional indemnity insurance. This is also true for Football Intermediaries and Match Agents providing a specialist service. It covers you against claims made by your clients for financial losses, legal actions or damages as a result of mistakes you may have made, or where you are accused of being negligent in services that you have provided. Schofield's are able to provide football agents insurance. Schofield Insurance Brokers specialise in handling Professional Indemnity Insurances for Football Intermediaries and Match Agents.

read more › It is well known that running a successful restaurant, hotel or bar amounts to more than good food and the right location. The best restaurateurs are first-class business entrepreneurs with a firm grasp of financial matters. Choosing the right suppliers for your business is vital and your restaurant insurance provider is no different in this respect. Restaurant and Bar Insurance is an essential purchase and, whilst it's not a particularly glamorous task, failing to find the right Restaurant Insurance package could affect the future of your business.

read more › Many drivers will want to take some time when looking into buying a new or second hand car, or doing their own research to track down the most reputable and inexpensive garage. Because Motor Trade Insurance can involve some complexities in getting the cover right, you as a business may also want to make sure you thoroughly research your protection, but simply don't have the time to do so. The policies available to us at Schofield Insurance can provide cover for a wide range of motor trade activities; including vehicle sales (new or used) for either franchised dealers, independent retailer or smaller garage, mechanical repairs, servicing, body repairs and paint spraying.

read more › From sensitive personal data, to expensive surgery equipment, there is a lot that needs to come under the protection of an Office or Surgery Insurance policy, even some things that often our clients haven't actually given a second thought to, such as external signs. Graphic designers, solicitors, veterinary surgeries and opticians can all see the benefits both in terms of coverage and value for money that an insurance package tailored to them and their work environment can bring. If you're a solicitor, or manage a doctor's surgery, you'll probably store what is classed by the Information Commissioner's Office as "personal sensitive data."

read more › Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover for any business or person providing a professional service or advice. Often shortened to PI Insurance, it helps to protect your business against the often extensive costs of defending and settling claims of professional negligence or dissatisfaction regarding a service you have provided. PI Insurance arranged through our team at Schofield Insurance aims to meet the cost of defending claims and any damages payable for liabilities that arise from negligent advice you give, or services you provide, in a professional capacity to your clients, causing a financial loss.

read more › Whether you are the freeholder, leaseholder, mortgagee or owner, your premises represent a substantial investment that should be adequately protected by Property Owners' Insurance. It's a simple matter of prudent asset management. You need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have purchased the right cover and that your problems will be solved if a claim occurs. By obtaining quotations from a number of insurers we can help save you time and money. Schofield Insurance Brokers specialise in all types of Property Owners' Insurance and provide unbiased advice to owners, investors, managing agents on all their property insurance requirements.

read more › If your profession takes you out of the office, whether this is a working environment in a conventional sense or a work station in your own home, Public Liability can protect you from any claims that occur if you accidentally damage third party property or cause an injury to someone else within your working hours. Any clients you visit on their own business premises may well have their own Public Liability in place to cover things like damage to employees and visitors' personal possessions. What they won't be covered for is visitors damaging their own property, if for example, you drop your laptop on a glass table and smash it, or a member of staff trips over your bag and injures themselves.

read more › Salons, spas and hairdressers provide different treatments and health and beauty packages to achieve different results for their customers, and our approach to arranging Salon Insurance for these establishments works very much in the same way at Schofield Insurance. Employers' and Public Liability - can protect your staff and the customers who are in and out the door throughout your business hours. Product Liability - ensures that any faulty or insufficient product that has resulted in the injury or financial loss of the customer can be compensated for.

read more › Personal Insurance can offer a number of essential policies that get to work when you most need them if you're self-employed, and at Schofield Insurance we have the resources and the contacts to find them. Working for yourself allows you to cut all ties that come with being employed by someone else, health benefits, sick payment and legal liability included. You can't always plan your time off, sometimes it comes unexpectedly when you've fallen ill, or had an accident. But there is insurance protection that you can have in place such as Public Liability, Employers Liability.

read more › As a business owner you are exposed to a diverse range of threats and risks and cover can be arranged on a "package" basis where the key areas of your exposure are protected. Cover is available to protect your physical property such as your Buildings, Contents, Fixtures and Fittings and Stock, in addition to your operations, with Business Interruption, Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability, Money, Personal Accident, Loss of License plus a selection of other cover available within a Shop Insurance policy.

read more › At Schofield Insurance, we account for your skill, your ever-changing work location, and all the equipment and materials you need to do your job as a tradesman, and we do this with an inclusive Tradesman Insurance package. This policy can be as flexible as it needs to be to cover such a wide-ranging field, with window cleaners, tree surgeons and glaziers among the many who fall into the tradesman bracket. Limits of indemnity can be altered according to your work, so if you're fitting a glass fronted building and an inaccurate measurement sets the project back, your needs for a higher limit may be greater than a tradesman who might have a much smaller undertaking on their hands.

read more › Working in the transportation industry you may find yourselves facing a complex concoction of potential hazards when arranging Transportation or Distribution Insurance. This is where our fundamental understanding of this industry at Schofield Insurance comes into play, one which is only strengthened as the years go by and we work with more and more clients in this sector. Haulage and distribution companies represent a substantial segment of our business, and our services provide an intensive claims management service which ultimately determines premium levels.

read more › Working from Home Insurance, also known as Home Worker Insurance, is a separate product to Home Insurance and will provide cover for both your business and personal insurance needs. An increasing number of people now work from home, but conventional Home Insurance doesn't always offer adequate cover for home workers. For example, you may have valuable IT equipment in your home which needs to be insured. You also need to consider the risk of an interruption to your business if your home is damaged or destroyed by fire or flooding.

read more › It's your pride and joy, the vehicle you lavish attention and time upon, a delicate machine that requires dedication, care and maintenance. Schofield Private Clients are able to provide cover for a wide range of classic cars with a range of affordable insurance policies to meet the demands and needs of our customers. The policies that we are able to source from our partner insurers are flexible and competitive within the current market. For a standalone Classic Car Insurance policy most insurers deem a "classic" to be any vehicle over 15 years old with a minimum value of 1,500 although this may differ depending on the insurer.

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