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Cover-More UK Cover-More Travel Insurance has been providing travellers in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand with high-quality travel insurance cover and round-the-clock emergency medical assistance for over 30 years. Although we manage millions of policies and thousands of claims each year, we treat each customer with the individual care they deserve. With hundreds of travel insurance and emergency specialists at our disposal, we are able to meet our customer's needs quickly, thoroughly, and effectively, anywhere at anytime.

These travellers are all protected by 24-hour emergency assistance provided by our sister company, World Travel Protection. Cover-More Insurance Services Ltd, located at Parkview, 82 Oxford Road, Uxbridge, UB8 1UX, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA No.312172. Cover-More Insurance Services Limited permitted business is insurance mediation activities.

You can check this on the FCA's register by visiting the FCA's website or by contacting the FCA on 0300 500 8082.

read more › We are a leading global travel insurance provider that's been protecting its customers for over 30 years. We help insure travellers from all over the globe every single year, and have so far protected over 18 million people worldwide. Our UK customers have given us an average rating of 4.6 stars on Feefo and continue to choose Cover-More as their preferred travel insurance provider. We've received praise for our quick response when the unexpected strikes from customers who've experienced boat crashes in Thailand to emergency evacuations from the jungles of Honduras.

read more › We make it easy for you to find the travel insurance policy that is appropriate for your individual needs. We offer a variety of plans and options to help you choose the right cover. We look forward to providing you with great cover and superior service. EXTRA Plan provides the most comprehensive level of travel insurance, including our highest cover limits for emergency medical expenses, as well as protection for trip cancellation, loss or theft of luggage and travel documents, and much more. For maximum peace of mind, choose Extra.

read more › For those with true wanderlust, travelling only once a year isn't enough - the world is a big place after all! But wherever globetrotters go, it's important they protect their trips with travel insurance. That's why Cover-More UK has a range of customisable policies to help you travel with peace of mind over and over again. If you're planning on travelling more than twice within a one-year period, you could save yourself time and money by purchasing our annual multi-trip policy. Our multi-trip option covers any number of journeys over a one-year period (with a maximum of 183 days travel in total).

read more › Taking a spontaneous trip abroad? Finally saved up enough cash for that dream holiday you've been, well, dreaming of? We understand. However, it's always important to think about safeguarding yourself - and your holiday - should anything happen. Fortunately, we can help; if you're travelling overseas or domestically once or maybe twice a year, our single trip travel insurance can ensure you're properly covered. A one-off holiday is still one of the most popular options when it comes to overseas travel, which is why we've created our single trip cover.

read more › Going on a cruise means seeing places you'd never normally venture to; whether Mauritius or the Mediterranean, Canada or the Caribbean - the possibilities are almost unlimited. Cruises may be more popular than ever, but as we all know, strange things can happen at sea, so it's always wise to be prepared. Taking out our additional cruise cover will provide cover for the duration of the cruise whilst on-board and onshore. If you're a fan of cruises, you should consider getting an annual multi-trip policy, so you can set sail with confidence all year round.

read more › Make the most out of your 'golden years' by travelling the world! Whether you'll be soaking up some culture on a European city break or heading for a luxury cruise across the Pacific, one thing's for certain: retirements aren't meant for sitting at home. It's important to stay active well into your old age, and travelling offers the perfect opportunity to get out there and enjoy yourself. Good news: our travel insurance for senior citizens offers cover for those over 65 and above. So, if you're travelling, ensure you safeguard your trip with Cover-More UK.

read more › Whether you're planning a high-impact holiday (hey, sunbathing isn't for everyone), or just fancy an afternoon of adventure activities, you can have peace of mind with our sports and adventure travel insurance. Good news: leisure activities are included with all of our policies, so you don't need to fork out extra for a spot of adventure. Please note: some activities are only covered under our Standard and Extra Plans; check you're properly covered by reading through our travel insurance guide before choosing which plan is right for you.

read more › Whether you'll be doing some high-impact snowboarding in Switzerland, enjoying a chalet retreat with your other half in the French Alps, or heading for a husky-sledging adventure with the family in Lapland, get your winter sports holiday covered with one of our top-rated insurance policies. You may be asking yourself: what's the worst that could happen? The truth is, even the most seasoned winter sports person may find themselves in deep water (OK, deep snow) on the slopes. Even if you're more likely to be found relaxing in your chalet lodge than skiing, you can properly enjoy your time away with the knowledge that you are covered.

read more › Ready for an exciting, high-impact holiday? Want to take a trip where you can live in the moment and make memories that'll last a lifetime? We hear you loud and clear. When it comes to extreme sports - whether you're bungee jumping off a bridge or deep-sea fishing - you're going to want to know you're covered should the unexpected happen. All our policies include some form of extreme sports cover, so you don't have to worry about paying more for that all-important adrenaline rush. However, bear in mind that you'll only be covered for certain activities listed in the policy.

read more › Whether you'll be trekking the Inca Trail or hiking through the foothills of the Himalayas, it's imperative you find the right travel insurance for your backpacking trip. Because you'll be carrying lots of equipment on a regular basis, it makes sense to choose a policy that offers a good level of coverage for both you and your belongings while you're travelling abroad. This is where we come in. Cover-More UK offers a range of plans to meet your needs, giving you the peace of mind to get on with globetrotting.

read more › Finding travel insurance for your next trip can be difficult, especially if you're travelling to a country far away or for the first time. Our destination guides will help you pick the best cover for your holiday. With its golden temples, stunning beaches and buzzing cities, it's little wonder that Thailand has become such a popular tourist destination. But despite an influx of visitors, Thailand's rich cultural heritage still remains intact. If you are planning a trip to Thailand you should consider booking travel insurance before you set off so you'll be able to fully enjoy your holiday knowing you have cover.

read more › Whether you're jetting off for an action-packed adventure with the kids or taking the grandparents for an all-expenses paid cruise, finding the right travel insurance for you and your loved ones is always a high priority when planning a family holiday. If you're travelling abroad as a family, it makes sense to take out a single policy that covers you all, rather than four or five individual policies. Just think of the time, effort and money you'll save by taking out just one plan! If a loved one gets sick abroad and needs medical attention, it's a huge relief to know they have insurance.

read more › There's nothing more romantic than a getaway with your special someone. Whether you're planning on proposing in Paris or simply taking a much-needed break somewhere significant for the pair of you, you'll naturally want your trip to be as memorable as possible (and for all the right reasons!). This is why it's worth considering taking out a travel insurance policy that covers you both. After all, if your partner is injured or in need of assistance, you'll want to make sure they're cared for in the same way you'd expect to be.

read more › If your job involves travelling the world for work, you may get to experience some extraordinary destinations when venturing outside of the office. However, going on a business trip means there are extra elements you need to consider when choosing your travel insurance. Business travel can be enjoyable, but only if your trip runs smoothly. Inconveniences and delays are especially frustrating when work is involved; add the stresses of international travel and the potential for disaster is worrying.

read more › Ever come back from a holiday and immediately felt like you could've done with just a few more days away? Maybe you didn't get time to see all the sights you wanted, or perhaps the beach was just too relaxing? Whether you'll bungee jumping in New Zealand or cage-diving with sharks in Hawaii; topping up your tan in Trinidad or banana boating in the Bahamas, you need to safeguard your trip - no matter how long you're planning to stay! At Cover-More UK, we can provide long-stay travel insurance that's both comprehensive and affordable, so you can enjoy your travels knowing that you're properly covered.

read more › Been planning your dream holiday for a while now, huh? Everything booked and paid for, bags packed, brimming with excitement? We understand; it's all so thrilling! But before you hop on a plane and get ready to explore the world, it's important you ask yourself, 'Do I have the right travel insurance?' It can be hard thinking about worst-case scenarios at the best of times, but it's even harder in the run-up to a trip you've been looking forward to for so long. Still, you should aim to protect yourself from eventualities outside your control, namely the prospect of cancellation.

read more › If you have pre-existing medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer it can be frustrating to find the right travel insurance policy at the right cost. In each of our policies, you'll see we've gone the distance to address as thoroughly and compassionately as possible in regards to any health issues you may have. Enjoying your holiday should be your main priority, not worrying about whether a pre-existing illness is covered. For this reason, a policy from Cover-More UK will help you get the most out of your trip, knowing we're by your side from start-to-finish.

read more › In an 'always on' world, no one is expected to travel without their gadgets. Whether you're travelling for business or going on a family holiday, you'll probably be taking expensive items like laptops or cameras with you. On top of this, you're likely to have some costly jewellery, watches, leather goods and/or perfumes in your luggage too (after all, who doesn't want to enjoy their holiday in style?!). That's why it's worth taking out an insurance policy that covers your personal possessions. Unfortunately, if your luggage is lost or stolen, your gadgets are probably gone too.

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