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Call As one of the UK's thousands of road cycling enthusiasts you may not realise that we think you're hot stuff - not in lycra but when you get behind the wheel of your car. Our stats show that road cyclists have fewer car insurance claims - in fact, half as many as other drivers. Clearly your on-road cycling experience has made you more alert and road aware than the average car driver and that deserves special attention.

Let Ci4C source you the best car insurance deal via our scheme that rewards you for your improved driving skills. We're the first in the UK to specifically provide car insurance for cyclists. Your experience on your bike means you're more alert to the dangers of road use and better able to anticipate hazards. In town or in the countryside you'll be more aware of how you fit into your surroundings and ride or drive accordingly.

read more › There are so many car insurance providers out there but only Ci4C specifically offers car insurance for cycling drivers. Let us explain a bit about what makes us unique in the market using our B.I.K.E. Road cyclists save a proven 20% against their car insurance renewal, on average, by switching to You can earn additional loyalty discounts for insuring extra cars or recommending your friends and family too. The scheme is the first in the UK to recognise and reward cyclists for better car driving because you see the road from a different perspective and have fewer claims.

read more › We're the only UK insurance provider to recognise and reward you as a safer car driver. In fact, cyclists save 20% on average against their car insurance renewal by switching to us. Please call us free on 0800 819 9319 or provide brief details below and we'll call you back. You'll benefit from person-to-person service and we can get a better feel for you over the phone. Better feel = better deal. If you want cover to start soon and you have a preferred time for us to call you Mon-Fri: 9-5, Sat: 9-noon exc.

read more › Request a car insurance quote before the end of February for the chance to win a Nextbase Dash Cam bundle. It's an uncertain time isn't it? And the media doesn't help with it's sensationalist headlines. So here we set the record straight with our FAQs on lockdown and car insurance. You may have seen a report in the press that claimed your car insurance may be invalid for non-essential journeys. We love cyclists because you make safer car drivers and we quote accordingly. To encourage you to give us a try when your car insurance is due we're offering you the chance to win.

read more › We really value customer feedback, reviews and testimonials. See what customers have said about our service and get in touch if you'd like to share your own experience, whether good or bad. Dealing with was a good experience and a marked contrast with other insurers. I felt that the person who arranged my insurance knew his business and was not just a low grade phone jockey. I was not at all happy to be quoted over 300 by my existing insurer, an increase yet again over the previous year.


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