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Cumbria Insurance Brokers Professional service from an independent insurance broker does not come at the cost of a personal, hands-on relationship; with Cumbria Insurance, you will get both. The needs of any two of our clients are never the same. Getting to know each business in depth, whether through informal meetings at our office or during visits to you will give us the background knowledge we need to build a bigger and better picture of how we can best help you.

Our advice is focused entirely on your needs - we do not have and will not have any relationships with insurers that might place us in a conflict of interest; our aim is to become your in house Insurance and risk management expert.

From an independent position, supported by a network of well-established UK insurers and with the expertise of our approachable team at Cumbria Insurance we will work with you to understand your business, identify the insurable risks you face, and advise you on the available options and on the best course of action for your business.

Established in 1963, Cumbria Insurance was one of the first independent insurance brokers in Carlisle. Purchased in 2003 by current managing director, Paul Bradbury, we have since built on its solid foundations, continuing to serve both commercial and individual clients with the utmost professionalism and expertise, all delivered by our personable specialists

Our client base is as varied as the commercial landscape anywhere in the UK; from construction to charities and from hotels to hauliers. We have within our office, or can access through our network, wide-ranging sector and industry specific expertise that will allow us to help deliver real value to your business whatever that may be and whatever your

Certain areas of your life could do with a more personalised approach when it comes to insurance protection. Our personal insurance services at Cumbria Insurance are just that. Our advisors like to meet you in person so that we have a better view on how best to help you, and which personal insurance products are going to be the most useful. Explore

Some risks may be more obvious than others to you as a business owner, which can make a DIY approach to strategic risk management difficult. To an independent insurance broker, with a deep rooted understanding of the insurance industry, every risk for a range of sectors is very plain to see. A strategic Risk Management policy from Cumbria Insurance

If you need to make a claim it's important that you get in touch with one of our personable team members as soon as possible. This will allow us in turn to make sure that your claim is quickly processed, keeping you up to speed with updates on the process, and aiming for a settlement in a reasonable time frame. All your claims will be dealt with in

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