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Midland Business Insurance Services Midland Business Insurance provides bespoke protection services and vital insurance products for businesses and the individuals. Whether you're looking to ensure staff or key individuals, we have the knowledge to find the right policy for you! Because every business is different, we don't provide off-the-shelf policies. Our aim is to fully protect your business and its people, in a way that aligns with where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

We get to know you and your organisation to ensure your business is protected against every eventuality. We will also help you to create a sound succession strategy to safeguard your business for the long term. We get to know your business to fully understand all of the possible risks and threats that have the potential to undermine your business.

We put the necessary protection and procedures in place in the event that of key personnel or directory become critically ill or pass away. We offer additional covers like protection for stock, business interruption and equipment, to help keep your trade going if you hit a crisis.

read more › Midland Business Insurance was created as a response to a lack of ongoing support for businesses when it came to protection and succession planning. Led by our Managing Director and Insurance Adviser Phil Izzard, we offer a tailored approach to business protection by focusing on the long-term objectives of a business, rather than simply selling off-the-shelf plans and policies. Phil started his career in financial services back in 2004 and has worked in regulated roles including banking and customer service (Alliance & Leicester).

read more › We ensure our homes, the contents, our cars and even our pets! That's because we know that if something went wrong, it would cost A LOT to put it right. If you were to suddenly stop receiving your income because of illness, a major accident or death, would you be able to maintain the lifestyle that you and your family have become accustomed to? There are 100s of different insurances available that provide financial protection. However, off the shelf policies are often confusing and the market can be hard and laborious to navigate.

read more › Group Life insurance is commonly known as a "death in service" policy. If one of your employees were to pass away, their family would receive a cash lump sum, which could be crucial for their finances at such a critical time. As an employer, you would take out this cover for your employees. Usually, this cover is taken as a percentage of your employees' salary in the form of an employee benefit. As a business, you can also claim tax relief for providing Group Life Cover. We work with a number of exceptional experts, which means we will look at a range of products to source a suitable policy for your business needs.

read more › With the increasing burden placed on the NHS, insuring your health has become an important part of business protection. Critical Illness - pays out a lump sum when someone is diagnosed with a serious life-threatening condition, such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke. If you're not sure when you will return to work, you can use this money to pay your mortgage and household bills. Again, this can be included as part of your employees' benefit package, but at the very least, we recommend business owners and director-shareholders consider this type of policy as part of their protection strategy.

read more › Many businesses focus on insuring their premises, equipment and stock, but fail to protect their greatest assets: their people. What would happen to your business if you lost someone who plays a vital role in running your operations? Key Person Insurance is designed to minimise the impact of losing a key member of staff or a director. The policy pays out a cash lump sum to ease the financial pressure placed on your business. It can be used to cover the costs of finding a replacement and ensures your business can still run smoothly during a difficult and stressful time.

read more › A Relevant Life Plan offers special advantages for directors and employees. Classed as a Business Expense, it is tax deductible and, therefore, a tax efficient policy. Your company can claim Corporation Tax relief, saving up to 20% and the benefit does not count towards your Pension Allowances. Relevant Life cover is written into trust, which means you can nominate who will receive your benefit after you pass away. Many companies offer Relevant Life Plans as part of their employee benefits package.

read more › As a business, do you have any debts or outstanding loans? Loan Protection is another form of cover that helps you to protect your business if the guarantor is diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness. If you ever need to make a claim, a cash lump sum would be paid out and you can then use this money to pay off any loans or debts. As with all our cases, our approach is to find you a suitable level of cover, so we do not place a limit on the number of calls or visits to your premises. Every call we make is different, as there are always questions that need answering, and our main aim is to ensure that every case is correct.

read more › If you are a limited company, have you considered what would happen if a shareholder were to fall critically ill or pass away? This person might be a key person or an investor, but most importantly of all, if their company shares were then inherited by their next of kin, this could result in family members interfering with your business operations. Shareholder Protection provides cover by paying out a cash lump sum on the event of a shareholder's death, which your business can then use to buy the deceased person's shares.

read more › At Midland Business Insurance, we can work seamlessly alongside your accountancy firm to ensure that your clients can enjoy business security, continuity and tax-efficient succession planning. We do things differently; we do not provide 'off-the-shelf' policies and plans. When it comes to protecting your clients' business interests and assets, we offer a personally tailored and caring approach to identify any specific risks and threats. We can also help you spot opportunities for your clients to enjoy long-term tax benefits through various forms of cover.

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